Reduce the cost of your electricity bill whilst helping reduce your carbon footprint

Moving to solar energy is the smart choice in Western Australia where we get more annual sunshine than any other state in Australia. The initial investment for the parts and installation is recouped in the long term, with many government incentives to help you make the change financially.


Why go Solar?

Reduce your Power Bill

A well designed solar energy system can significantly reduce the amount you pay each time you receive your Synergy bill in the mail.

Help reduce your Carbon Footprint

Unlike other forms of energy, solar energy is clean, environmentally friendly and produces no pollution, emissions, greenhouse effects or noise. Do your part for the lovely environment we all enjoy in WA.

Avoid the rising Cost of non-renewable Energy

Once your solar energy system is installed you are not affected by the rising cost of non-renewable energy sources.

Long-Term Financial Gain

The sooner you switch to solar, the sooner you can reduce your power bill. Compare the savings over a long period and for a 6,6kW system with LG panels the financial gains are significant and can be more than $40,000.

Low Maintenance

Once professionally installed a solar energy system requires very little maintenance as there are no moving parts. Solar cells have a long life span and only need to be cleaned every so often, usually via rain.

Increase your Property Value

Multiple studies have found that homes equipped with solar energy systems have higher property values and sell more quickly than non-solar homes.

Get a solar system that suits your needs

Not sure which solar system suits your needs? The team at Solar2020 are here to help and available to answer your questions.

Beginner's Guide to Solar

Download our FREE Beginner’s Guide with all the information you need, to get you started on solar, including information on how a grid system works, choosing the right solar installer and additional tips to avoid poor quality solar equipment.