Solar Benefits

With the ever increasing cost of non-renewable energy, more and more people are turning to solar energy to help reduce the cost of their electricity bill whilst helping reduce their carbon footprint creating solar benefits.

Moving to solar energy is the smart choice in Western Australia where we get more annual sunshine then any other state. The initial investment for the parts and installation is recouped in the long term, with many government incentives to help you make the change financially.

Benefits of moving to Solar Energy

  • Reduce Your Power Bill – a well designed solar energy system can significantly reduce the amount you pay each time you receive your Synergy bill in the mail.
  • Help Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – unlike other forms of energy, solar energy is clean, environmentally friendly and produces no pollution, emissions, greenhouse effects or noise. Do your part for the lovely environment we all enjoy in WA.
  • Avoid the Rising Cost of Non-Renewable Energy – once your solar energy system is installed you are not affected by the rising cost of non-renewable energy sources and the carbon tax.
  • Long-Term Financial Gain – the sooner you switch to solar, the sooner you can reduce your power bill. Compare the savings over 5-10 years or more and the financial gains are significant.
  • Low Maintenance – once professionally installed a solar energy system requires very little maintenance as there is no moving parts. Solar cells have a long life span and only need to be cleaned every so often.

Benefits of choosing Solar 2020

  • Clean Energy Council Accredited – Solar 2020 is a accredited by the Australian Clean Energy Council. The accreditation is provided to those who demonstrate competence in design and/or installation of solar power systems.
  • Electrical Contractors – the team at Solar 2020 have many years experience as electrical contractors. This means we understand the workings and safety of setting up electricity storage and generation systems safely in your home or business.
  • Focus on Quality – we only recommend and use the best available products from the world’s leading solar technology manufacturers including Bosch, Conergy, SMA, Suntech and others.
  • Solutions not Sales – we are focused on recommending the best solution for your specific needs. Each system is suited to your electricity usage and home design.
  • Professionalism – each solar installation we carry out is carried out to set procedures ensuring quality of work, safety and timely completion of work to set deadlines.

From the time I rang John at Solar 2020 to the guys who came out and installed my new system, I felt like I was in good hands. I had rung a few other solar companies and I just felt like they were all trying to sell me a system not tailored to my needs. John ran me through my options and helped me decided on a new solar system. The installation was quick and painless and the guys left the place spotless. Good job guys. ~ Mr & Mrs Miler, Carramar

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