At Solar 2020, we’re dedicated to providing Perth homeowners with the best possible solar experience. Our commitment to the renewable energy sector is evident through several key factors:

Industry Partnerships & Accreditations: We collaborate with leading solar organisations and hold esteemed accreditations, reflecting our dedication to quality and staying current with industry advancements.

Leading Manufacturer Partnerships: Partnerships with top brands like Tesla and REC allow us to offer a wide range of high-quality solar products at competitive rates for your Perth home.

Unwavering Expertise & Training: We actively participate in industry organisations, ensuring our team possesses the latest knowledge and training to design and install the perfect solar system for your needs.

Your Energy Answers Partner

Solar 2020 has been selected as one of the trusted partners by Your Energy Answers. Your Energy Answers educates end customers about getting long lasting renewable energy solutions and making informed choices.

This collaboration is a testament to our shared commitment to sustainable and long-lasting energy solutions, which deliver lasting financial benefits for our customers.

Our inclusion in Your Energy Answers’ carefully curated list of recommended installers reflects our dedication to delivering exceptional service and aligning with their values. We are proud to be recognised not only as a service provider but as one of Your Energy Partners, where they have chosen a dedicated number Australia wide.

Get a solar system that suits your needs

Not sure which solar system suits your needs? The team at Solar2020 are here to help and always available to answer your questions.