Traditional solar systems connect multiple panels in strings, where the performance of one panel can limit the entire system’s output. This is particularly problematic in Perth, where even partial shading from trees or surrounding structures can significantly impact energy production.

Power optimisers address this challenge by acting as intelligent “mini-inverters” attached to individual panels. They work by:

Monitoring: Continuously tracking each panel’s voltage and current.

Maximising: Optimising the power output of each panel individually, regardless of shading or performance issues on other panels.

Converting: Converting the optimised DC (direct current) output to AC (alternating current) for seamless integration into the grid.

With their ability to combat shading, enhance reliability, and offer detailed monitoring, power optimisers present a compelling solution for Perth homeowners seeking to unlock the full potential of their solar power systems in the sunny Western Australian climate.

Tigo Energy

Tigo optimisers elevate the performance and reliability of solar panel systems by addressing limitations inherent in traditional string inverter setups. Unlike string inverters that manage the entire array’s output, Tigo optimisers reside behind individual panels, maximizing energy production even in scenarios like partial shading, common in Perth, Australia.

This is achieved by optimising each panel’s output independently, ensuring the entire system benefits from peak performance. Furthermore, Tigo optimisers enhance system reliability by isolating panel performance. If one optimiser malfunctions, the rest of the system remains operational, minimising downtime and maximising solar energy generation.

Additionally, Tigo optimisers provide detailed performance data for each panel, enabling proactive identification and rectification of potential issues. This empowers homeowners to optimize their systems for long-term efficiency and cost-effectiveness, making Tigo optimizers a compelling solution for homeowners seeking to maximise the potential of their solar investment.

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