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At Solar 2020, we believe in working with our customers to empower them with energy independence.

During our consultation process, our team takes the time to understand your current and future energy usage patterns. This allows us to design a future-proof system that will provide you with long-term benefits for decades to come.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we design custom-tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. We’ll also recommend the highest quality equipment such as Jinko, REC and Trina for your unique situation, because unlike some mass-market companies, we understand that solar and battery solutions require a personalized approach.


Work with highly qualified, accredited experts
in solar installation

Clean Energy Council Accredited

Solar 2020 is accredited by the Clean Energy Council of Australia, meaning we have all the qualifications to deliver a long lasting quality solution. Demonstrating competence in the design/installation of solar power systems.

Electrical Contractors

The team at Solar 2020 are certified electrical contractors. We have experience safely installing solar energy systems for homes & businesses.

Quality Solar Components

Our focus is on installing high quality solar energy systems using reputable PV modules such as Jinko, REC and Trina Solar and inverters from the world’s top solar manufacturers.

One of the most effective assets for your home

Benefits of Solar

Perth residents looking to slash energy bills and embrace sustainability should strongly consider solar power. Sun-drenched Perth makes it an ideal climate for solar panels, maximising energy generation and potential savings. Not only can solar significantly reduce electricity dependence, but the Western Australian government offers financial incentives and feed-in tariffs for excess energy produced.

Reduced Electricity Bills

When you generate it, you don’t need to buy it. Goodbye to that nasty electricity bill!

Low Maintenance

Once it’s installed by our reliable team, very little needs to be done, to collect the savings months after months.

Reduced Emissions

Our systems are eco friendly. You are playing your part – great work!

Increased Property Value

A great return on investment.

Interested in switching to Solar Energy?

The team at Solar2020 are here to help and available to answer your questions.

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Whether it’s a small residential installation or larger-scale commercial solar power system,
we take the same pride and attention to detail. See for yourself!


Get a solar system that suits your needs

Not sure which solar system suits your needs? The team at Solar2020 are here to help and available to answer your questions.

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