Keep Your Solar System Running Smoothly with Solar 2020's Health Check

Your solar power system deserves top-notch care. Regardless of the size of your grid-connected system, Solar 2020’s local service team is dedicated to maintaining and optimising it for peak performance.

Our highly recommended routine health check, performed at regular intervals, provides a comprehensive inspection covering everything from the stability of your solar panels to the removal of any debris that might have accumulated underneath.

Here’s what you can expect during a Solar 2020 health check:

Thorough Inspection: We’ll meticulously examine your entire system, ensuring secure mounting frames, rigorous cable testing, and a vitality review for your inverter.

Performance Optimisation: We’ll address any cable damage, fine-tune your system’s settings for maximum efficiency, and compare your current power output to ideal standards for Perth’s sunshine patterns.

Safety & Compliance: We’ll optimise safety switches and ensure all signage complies with the latest Australian Standards & Regulations.

All inspections and maintenance are meticulously carried out by a CEC-accredited electrician, guaranteeing the continued reliability and savings you expect from your solar power system.

PV System Maintenance

Don’t let a surprise drop in solar efficiency or a hefty power bill catch you off guard! Regular preventative maintenance is crucial for maximising the investment in your solar panel system.

Hidden Culprits of Solar System Underperformance

Several factors can lead to underperforming solar panels, inverters, and home storage batteries in Perth, including:

Dirt and Debris Buildup: Over time, dust, leaves, and other debris can accumulate on your panels, blocking sunlight and reducing energy production.

Faulty Wiring: Damaged or loose wiring can impede the flow of electricity, impacting your system’s overall performance.

Unnoticed Shutdowns: Monitoring system shutdowns is essential. Undetected shutdowns can lead to missed energy generation.

General Wear and Tear: Like any machine, solar components experience wear and tear over time, potentially affecting efficiency.

Don’t wait for problems to arise. Contact Solar 2020 today to schedule a comprehensive solar panel maintenance check-up in Perth and ensure your system continues delivering on its promise of clean energy savings.

Perth solar system repairs - Get your system back on track quickly

Facing a sudden surge in your energy bills or a concerning red light on your solar inverter? Don’t let these issues disrupt your clean energy savings! Solar 2020 offers expert solar panel repairs to get your Perth system back to peak performance.

Signs You Need Perth Solar Panel Repair

Increased Electricity Bills: A noticeable jump in your Perth energy bills could indicate a problem with your solar system’s efficiency.

Solar Inverter Issues: A red light or abnormal readings on your inverter might signal a malfunction requiring repair.

At Solar 2020, we specialise in swift and reliable solar panel repairs across Perth and surrounding areas. Our team of qualified technicians are experts in:

Solar Inverter Repair: We can quickly diagnose and fix inverter faults, ensuring your system resumes seamless operation.

Prompt Action, Continued Savings: Timely intervention is crucial to avoid further energy loss and maintain your solar savings in Perth’s sunny climate.

Comprehensive Repairs: We service all solar systems in Perth.

Contact Solar 2020 today to schedule a comprehensive solar panel repair service in Perth. We’ll ensure your system continues delivering the savings you deserve under the Western Australian sun.

Perth solar system upgrades

Has your Perth home’s energy needs grown alongside your family, electric vehicles, or a switch to eco-friendly appliances? Are rising electricity costs eating into your solar savings? Solar 2020 can help you upgrade your solar system for a more sustainable and cost-effective future!

Signs You Need a Perth Solar System Upgrade

Growing Energy Demands: A larger family, electric vehicles, or new appliances can strain your current solar power generation.

Rising Electricity Bills: Increased energy use or rising electricity costs can offset your solar savings.

Outdated System: Older systems may not meet current Australian Standards or lack the capacity for battery storage.

Don’t settle for a system that can’t keep up!

Contact Solar 2020 today to schedule a personalised solar system upgrade consultation in Perth.

Get a solar system that suits your needs

Not sure which solar system suits your needs? The team at Solar2020 are here to help and always available to answer your questions.