Trying to figure out what is the best solar power system for your home can be a daunting experience.

Apart from the raft of technical jargon (can you tell an inverter from a converter? Or a monocrystalline solar cell from a polycrystalline one and what’s the difference anyway?), homeowners also face a potential minefield of state and council regulations governing installation.

Even if you can negotiate your way through all of the above, choosing the most reliable, cost-effective and robust equipment for the job is another matter entirely.

In a nutshell: leave the process to the experts, such as Solar 2020, led by John Conlon and Alan Ostler.

With electrical industry experience spanning 30 years, and the past eight in the solar sector, John and Alan and Solar 2020 provide a one-stop shop to your solar power needs. One of the biggest pitfalls people fall into is buying ‘cheap’ says John.

“The single-biggest mistake is not doing enough research to satisfy yourself about the quality of the panels and inverter. So often it is a buying decision made on price alone, without taking into consideration the yield versus lifespan of some of the inferior panels flooding into the Australian market,’’ he says.

Solar 2020 only installs top quality solar panels and inverters from trusted suppliers with fully compliant warranties for customer peace of mind.

“We encourage the Solar 2020 customer to take a longterm view to their investment, just like they would any other major home improvement product,” says John. “Solar 2020 is happy to be competitive on price but we don’t compromise on quality – ever.”

Solar 2020 goes to great lengths to ensure the customer is fully briefed on any solar power system well before install.

“Each installation is comprehensively surveyed before starting an install. Working at heights has its own issues and challenges and it’s company policy to be fully compliant with all Federal and State authorities’ regulations in this area,’’ says John.

Solar 2020 will also handle virtually all the ‘red tape’ with council permits and the like, although the customer will need to provide authorisation to their power provider.

  In a nutshell: leave the process to the experts, such as Solar 2020, led by John Conlon and Alan Ostler.

From the time I rang John at Solar 2020 to the guys who came out and installed my new system, I felt like I was in good hands. I had rung a few other solar companies and I just felt like they were all trying to sell me a system not tailored to my needs. John ran me through my options and helped me decided on a new solar system. The installation was quick and painless and the guys left the place spotless. Good job guys. ~ Mr & Mrs Miler, Carramar

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