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Solar 2020 has consummate commercial experience in designing and installing high efficiency solar energy systems. Have the added piece of mind knowing that you are working with electrical contractors and certified solar agents who can take care of all the necessary paperwork to get you the best return from the government run incentives.


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Benefits of choosing Solar for your Business

One of the major expenses for any business is ongoing power costs.
Using solar energy provides you with the ability to save costs where needed.

Reduced Electricity Bills

With a commercial solar system you can use the solar power you generate during the day, reducing the amount of power you buy off the grid. Less electricity consumed, and less financial outlay. Also consider solar batteries as they can store the energy so you can use it anytime.

It’s a solid Return on Investment

Commercial solar installations offer an exceptional return on investment, with a quality system in the right circumstances giving you a 4 year return on initial cost, with decades of potential savings. Not only are you investing in ongoing sustainability of your business, but in that of the environment, too.

Government Rebates

If you’re installing a commercial solar system up to 100kW, then you could be eligible for Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) [MT1] under the Federal Government’s renewable energy policy. This can significantly reduce the cost of your system – in some cases, by more than 30%, gaining you a rebate of around $30,000.

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