How Does It Work? / Solar Energy Systems

How does it work?

Solar Energy absorbs the sun’s solar energy storing and converts it to electrical energy that can be used throughout your home or office. Any excess energy is returned to the power grid.
The solar panels on your roof store the solar energy as Direct Current (DC) electricity, this DC current is then converted to Alternating Current (AC) so it can be used throughout your house or business. Specific monitoring systems are also added to measure energy usage, including how much energy is sent to the grid and other usage information.

Components of a Solar Energy System

1. PV Panels


2. PV Inverter


3. Mounting Parts


4. Ancillary Products


How The Components Work Together


Solar Panels Collect the Sun’s Energy
Solar Panels commonly known as photovoltaic modules collect solar energy from the sun and store it as a direct current (DC) electricity, directly converting light into electricity.

How do Solar Panels Work?
PV modules are made of special semi-conductors, typically made from silicon; which are treated to form an electric field, helping convert solar energy into electricity.

We Design Solar Power Systems
Solar 2020 help design your solar energy system based on your house design and roof space, we then professionally install the solar modules and inverter in the most optimal locations to get the widest reach of solar energy.

Solar Inverters convert DC to AC
PV inverters transform the direct current (DC) collected by the panels into alternating current (AC) so it can readily be used in your home or returned to the energy grid.

Solar inverters transform the DC energy into AC energy in a process known as “inversion”, typically this inversion is achieved via solid state switches that transform the DC to AC current.

What can the solar energy be used for?
The energy generated can be used to power all your everyday electrical needs such as air-conditioning, pool heating, household appliances or solar water heating with the use of additional components.

Excess energy generated can also be sold back to the grid, saving you thousands in the long run; while doing your part to help minimise the impact of global warming.


From the time I rang John at Solar 2020 to the guys who came out and installed my new system, I felt like I was in good hands. I had rung a few other solar companies and I just felt like they were all trying to sell me a system not tailored to my needs. John ran me through my options and helped me decided on a new solar system. The installation was quick and painless and the guys left the place spotless. Good job guys. ~ Mr & Mrs Miler, Carramar

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