Fronius Inverters lead the way

If the solar panels are the “workhorses” of a solar power system, the inverter is the “brains” of the outfit.

An inverter converts direct current (DC) power coming from a solar panel or array into AC current.

Grid-tied inverters send electricity from your solar power system to the main power grid and can also be connected to a battery bank and used by an off-grid system.

Solar 2020 uses mainly premium Symo or Primo inverters manufactured by Austrian company Fronius, founded by Gunter Fronius in 1945.

Still under family ownership, Fronius is now a world leader in solar technology and innovation, with subsidiaries in 28 countries.

Fronius produces cutting edge, easily installable, highly efficient state-of-the art inverters that are also designed to meet the technical requirements of future grids.

And it’s easy for the customer to monitor just how their solar system is performing with the Fronius Datamanager, a simple, user-friendly internet connection that provides a perfect overview of how the system is operating.

The Fronius Datamanager is connected via a Wi-Fi interface in the inverter, so no need for extra cabling to hitch up with your home internet.

Fronius inverters are also equipped to handle the “Smart Grid” of tomorrow with a series of functions, known as

Advanced Grid Features, built into its inverters. The functions are aimed at enable stable grid operation and prevent unwanted interruptions to feed-in and associated yield losses.

Fronius inverters also feature automatic load control, are compatible with the Tesla Power Wall and offer optional consumption monitoring.

The Clean Energy Review website rated Fronius No.1 in its review of Best Solar Inverters 2017.

The premium inverters were rated on:

  • quality and reliability
  • service and support
  • warranty
  • features and
  • monitoring

CER noted that one of Fronius’ clever features was an integrated solar DC isolator, which meant an external isolator box was not needed, thus resulting in a much “neater” installation.

From the time I rang John at Solar 2020 to the guys who came out and installed my new system, I felt like I was in good hands. I had rung a few other solar companies and I just felt like they were all trying to sell me a system not tailored to my needs. John ran me through my options and helped me decided on a new solar system. The installation was quick and painless and the guys left the place spotless. Good job guys. ~ Mr & Mrs Miler, Carramar

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