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Meyer Timber

Design and install a high efficiency solar system to reduce power costs

99.2 kW

LG NeON®2 A5 400W

Approx. 148,000kWh

Estimated annual savings on electricity usage fees: Approx. $26,000 AUD
Approx. 140 tonnes of CO2 emission avoided per annum


Meyer Timber operations have a large quantity of machinery on site running during the day. Concerned with increasing prices of electricity, the company conducted their own research and decided to implement a strategy to reduce the costs of electricity. The company partnered with a solar intaller to design and install a high efficiency solar system to reduce their power costs.

Whilst the roof of the premises faces 0 degree north, the challenge for installer was to design the layout around the translucent panels on the roof split into many sections.


LG NeON® 2 400W panels were recommended for the job. A quantity of 248 NeON® 2 panels were installed on Meyer Timber’s roof allowing space for the existing translucent panels to illuminate the working space below.

The system was completed using SMA Tri Power inverters and Solar Analytics monitoring system to create a very long lasting top of the line quality system.

Why Were LG Panels Chosen

LG panels were recommended and chosen for the customer due to the reputation as a premium product with high quality and performance. LG panels have been recognised as innovative and cutting edge by industry experts increasing confidence in the quality and performance of the product. LG NeON® 2 panel generate more power per square metre, this panel is able to deliver up to 16% more electricity per square metre than a 280W panel of the same physical size.

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