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Bluewater Leisure Centre

LG panels were recommended for their warranty, power generation per square metre, performance, and high quality

98.64 kW

LG NeON®R 360W

Approx. 132,000kWh

Estimated annual savings on electricity usage fees: Approx. $25,000 AUD
Approx. 120 tonnes of CO2 emission avoided per annum


The centre has a very high power consumption to keep all the pools, gymnasium equipment and other facilities running constantly.

Bluewater engaged with an installer to design, plan and install a solar system for the Leisure Centre with the aim of reducing power costs and the carbon consumption footprint.

Due to the restriction of roof space available, the installer worked with the Council to conduct a roof structure assessment to create a design that would deliver the greatest energy production and best return on investment.


LG NeON® R 360W were recommended as the best suitable product to maximise energy production. The high efficiency LG NeON® R 360W panels allowed the team to install a 98.64kW system rather than an 84kW size other many competing panels would have allowed due to the restrictions with the roof space.

The system was complimented with Fronius inverters and monitoring system.

The installer designed, installed managed the project from start to completion.

Why Were LG Panels Chosen

LG panels were recommended for their warranty, power per square metre, performance and quality. The 25 year warranty applies to parts and labour as well as on the performance which is longer than for many competing panels.

LG panels have high efficiency, producing more power per square metre, the NeON® R 360W are warranted to still achieve 87% of rated output after 25 years, compared to 80.2% for many competing panels. The annual degradation rate is 0.4% compared to 0.7% for many competing panels.

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